About me

Ondřej Dobisík

Musician & musicologist based in Prague. I work in the sheet music archive of the Czech Radio, as a lecturer in the National Technical Museum, as a production asisstant in the Church of St. Nicholas in the Lesser Town,…

I like early, but also some other music – more choirs equals better music. I play in bands, sing in churches, transcribe sheet music, prepare concerts, engage in puppet theatre. I go jogging, hiking, ride a bike, and most importantly, I play in competitive marble tournaments. When it's dark, I look at the stars. I'm running on a distribution of GNU/Linux.

Interested in polychoral music around the year 1600? Would you like to sing a piece with your choir that cannon be found neither on IMSLP or CPDL (😱)? Do you need a singer? Would you like to invite a folk or blues band for a concert? Looking for advice on Linux for home use? Let's get in touch!