About me

Ondřej Dobisík
e-mail: dobisik.ondrej(z)gmail.com
tel.: +420 608 305 097

I'm a musician & musicologist based in Prague. I work in the sheet music archive of the Czech Radio, as a lecturer in the National Technical Museum, as a production asisstant in the Church of St. Nicholas in the Lesser Town, and other odd jobs here and there.

I like early, but also some other music – more choirs equals better music. I sing and play with all kinds of ensembles (Dvořákův komorní sbor, Ensemble Lazarus, Ensemble Versus, Hora fugit, Krkonošské Collegium Musicum, Literátské bratrstvo sv. Jindřicha, Pěvecký sbor Jeroným, Pražští pěvci, Ritornello, Schola Týnského chrámu, Svobodné hudební bratrstvo, Vox clamans, Wowes collegium), also doing gigs with various bands, transcribe sheet music, prepare concerts, engage in puppet theatre. I go jogging, hiking, ride a bike, and most importantly, I play in competitive marble tournaments. When it's dark, I look at the stars. I'm running on a distribution of GNU/Linux.

Interested in polychoral music around the year 1600? Would you like to sing a piece with your choir that cannon be found neither on IMSLP or CPDL (😱)? Do you need to borrow a singer for your choir? Would you like to invite a folk or blues band for a concert? Looking for advice on Linux for home use? Let's get in touch!